Jerusalem: US accepted as capital of Israel- Analysis of controversy

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Recently, Trump said that USA is shifting the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which clearly indicates that now the USA is claiming that Jerusalem as capital of Israel. The US officials say that this move is motivated by the fact that Jerusalem is a city of Historical importance and it eligible to be a capital of Israel. While officially making Jerusalem as a capital of Israel was an official campaign of Trump. This move is welcomed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu which is one of the Trump’s biggest supporters.

Affect of this move:- While, any such move of USA will be supported by the Israel. The Palestinians have warned that changing this step of USA would mean the end of those peace efforts. They have threatened that mass street protest may take full scale violence. Palestinian leaders are resolute that an embassy move to Jerusalem would result into violation of international law and there will be unrest in the region. This issue will also deteriorate relation with Arab. The Arab nation threatened that moving the embassy may lead to diplomatic crises with Arab states. Head of the Arab league has called that this step of US president may lead to dangerous situation and considered it as unacceptable attack to Israel-Palestinians conflict. Further, it would overturn international consensus and will be considered as an attack on 70 years of efforts to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine. UN-security council condemns Trump’s decision. The step is even opposed by the Gaza strip and West Bank of it.

India’s Stand:- India is neutral on this issue. It considers Palestine as an independent state. However, India stand on Jerusalem is unclear. This is a diplomatic stand of India not to disturb its relationship with any of two parties that is Arab on one side and Israel and USA on the other. Both these parties are of strategic importance for India, with whom India’s trade is flourishing. Taking one stand could disturb trade and diplomatic relationship with other. India cannot afford to lose any one because both of them are of economic importance for India.

Some related information to this issue: – The status of Jerusalem home to sites holy to Muslims, Jews and Christians is one of the core issues in the perennial Israel-Palestine conflict of 1967. After occupying the eastern part of the city Jerusalem by Israel, it made the city as undivided capital of Jerusalem.

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